Kobotoolbox not deploying or previewing or saving changes


I’m having a problem with my kobotoolbox form and I’m inexperienced in this field. Please help

Currently I am unable to preview or deploy my form (all three of my forms which are for the same project) . The issue began when I was told there was a preview problem cause of duplicate choice error and not being defined in the setting sheet. But now the problem is not letting y deploy the form and so the edits are not appear on the submission form that I am using to collect data.
this is the error that appears

your form cannot be deployed because it contains errors:

Unexpected KoBoCAT error 400: b’{“detail”:"[row : 27] List name not in choices sheet: sw6ck96"}’

Please help.

Hi @toexcelsara,

Would you mind checking xlsform form through this site here. It should help you identify syntax errors with your xlsform and you should be able to deploy without any issues.

Have a great day!


You probably reference this list_name in a select_one … or select_multiple … in your survey sheet , but there is none with this name in your choices sheet.

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Hi @wroos,

could you please elaborate more? I think I understand what you are saying because I did use a combination of select one and select multiple. But what does this have to do with my choices sheet and the error? I’m sorry. I’m a beginner at this so could you help walk me through how to solve it?



I think, this means, in row 27 of the XLSForm, you are referencing “sw6ck96” in a select_… type in your survey sheet. But you do NOT have such a list_name in your choices sheet.
(You may just do Excel search for “sw6ck96” in your choices sheet.