KobotoolBox Own server migration

I’ve been encountering difficulties in migrating my KoboToolbox server to another VPS over the last two weeks. Despite attempting the backup and restore option, I’ve faced numerous issues, particularly with the restoration of PostgreSQL and Redis.

I’ve diligently followed the instructions provided in the README file, executing the following commands within containers:

  1. Restore backupsCommands should be run within containers.
  • MongoDB: mongorestore --archive=<path/to/mongo.backup.gz> --gzip
  • PostgreSQL: pg_restore -U kobo -d kobotoolbox -c "<path/to/postgres.pg_dump>"
  • Redis: gunzip <path/to/redis.rdb.gz> && mv <path/to/extracted_redis.rdb> /data/enketo-main.rdb

Despite successfully restoring the data to the containers, when I execute python3 run.py, I observe that the system shows a fresh installation dashboard instead of the expected restored data.

I’m seeking guidance on how to proceed with the migration process to the new VPS while ensuring that all the data is successfully transferred. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Can someone help? still wating for any response from the community?