KoboToolbox-Preview getting error Could not connect with Server

Good day
After I install Kobotoolbox in our server everything it woks fine but when I create or upload form after deploying I need to preview my form but I get this error Could not connect with Server
Please Help

Hi @fanar
Welcome to the community. This sounds like there is a problem with the installation. You mentioned that some of the things are working OK; could you confirm which ones


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Hi @fanar,

As a backup to what @stephanealoo has advised, would you also mind checking the same xlsform in the HHI server or the OCHA server hosted by KoBoToolbox and see if the same works in these servers.

This would also give you an idea of whether the installation process was correct or the xlsform had issues within it.

Have a great day!

Dear @stephanealoo
Thanks for your reply
I mean everythings are working fine all function except preview and open option (as shown in attached file) and I note that when I use my server as workstation everything it is working fine but when I try as work station with HTTPS certificates enable I got this error.
please can you help me with installation if you think error could be from installation

Dear @Kal_Lam
thanks for your reply
Yes I test in other server it working fine

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Yes we fix the issue
issue was from DNS https certificate