Kobotoolbox report problem with repeat group

Dear KoBoToolbox Cummunity Greatings:

This is Jan Agha Stanikzai, Data Management Officer HealthNet TPO Afghanistan.

I have a problem with kobo reporting, when i check mark “repeat this group if necessary” to repeat the attribute for two or more persons in form builder, it repeats the attributes in web as well as in kobocollect application and collect data from both formats but does not show data in report for this section, if i uncheck “repeat this group if necessary” then it shows data just for one person in report.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Jan Agha Stanikzai

Welcome to the community, @Janagha! Please be informed that KoBoToolbox at the moment does not support displaying custom report for repeat groups. You will need to manage them outside the system.

Thank you so much @Kal_Lam for your prompt response,

If i uncheck the option repeat this group if necessary in form builder it will record data just for one person and show that data in default report (that is ok with report but we do not need because our survey contains more than one persons), if i check mark the option repeat this group if necessary in form builder it records more than one persons but does not show data in default report (we need to record more than one persons).

What will be the procedure if Kobo does not support reporting?

Jan Agha Stanikzai

@Janagha, please be informed that the repeat this group if necessary will help you collect roster data. If you need to collect roster data you could check it and start collecting data. If you do not need a roster, you may continue without checking the same. The thing that I was trying to refer here is that you are able to collect roster data using KoBoToolbox but the only thing you are not able to do is display the roster data in the custom report. Else you are able to store the roster data and then download them and use some other applications for analysis (visualization).

Dear @Kal_Lam,

But i am not talking about custom report, this is all happening with default report.

and which application recommended for data visualization?

Jan Agha Stanikzai

Are you trying to refer to this report as outlined in the support article Viewing and Creating Custom Reports?

If i have hundreds of forms submitted in KoBoToolbox database how should i get individual report for specific date, name, project name or so on?

Hi @Janagha

Kindly review the following article to identify what would work for your organization depending on your needs.


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