KoBoToolbox Training - Registration open until 17th May

The doors to “Mastering Form Design in KoBoToolbox” are officially open! Would you like to share this with your NGO partners/staff that are interested in or need KoBoToolbox training?

Course registration is open until 17th May (just 10 days to go!) and the first module officially kicks off on 24th May!

"Mastering Form Design" is the training programme for aid workers and change-makers who need to scale-up and improve their use of KoboToolbox across teams, countries, and partners.

  • Starting 24th May 2021, registration closes 17th May 2021

Some of the data collection challenges faced by NGOs and their global partners include:

  • high turnover of staff – meaning data skills must be continually renewed
  • necessary data skills are often missing and under-resourced in local teams
  • data collection & analysis often depends on centralised support or specialists – making it difficult to scale up data skills globally
  • NGOs want to grow their in-house data capacity, but more and more are depending on external consultants because of the difficulty in scaling data literacy

This course allows NGOs to offer consistent and comprehensive training to their staff and partners on developing digital KoboToolbox forms.

Students will learn simple to advanced techniques to create forms and collect data necessary for accountability, funding growth, and innovation.

Here’s the sign-up page online where you can find all the details.

Who is this Programme For?
Aid, development and impact-driven organisations who:

  • need a fix for low-quality data being collected through their programmes
  • need a good way to upskill a diverse and global team.
  • are trying to standardise data across multiple countries
  • are looking for capacity building programmes in data literacy.

Specific roles of people who will get the most benefit:

  • Programme Managers who’ve just used KoBoToolbox for a couple quick surveys and can see its enormous potential for widescale use.
  • M&E, Information Management, or Sector Officers who’ve just joined a team that uses KoboToolbox and need to get up to speed fast.
  • Local partner staff that want to excel at professional data management for better service delivery to beneficiaries and accountability to donors.

Here’s the sign-up page online where you can find all the details: Mastering Form Design in KoboToolbox

I’m very open to having calls directly with anyone who might have further questions - you can directly message me :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to hear from you!


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