KPI service stopping randomly


On one of our installations KPI service is stopping, resulting in 504 Gateway Timeout message.

Restarting the service with -cf restart kpi solves the issue.

We are using the latest version 2.020.24b. If it holds any significance, the installation has been upgraded with the DB splitting process, with no issues.

How to debug this issue?

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Hi @maric.vladimir,

Maybe you could have a look at this post (which should help you on debugging):

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Thank @Kal_Lam,

here is what I found in uwsgi.log of KPI:

uwsgi.log:Internal Server Error: /service_health/
uwsgi.log:{address space usage: 351973376 bytes/335MB} {rss usage: 92557312 bytes/88MB} [pid: 120|app: 0|req: 1/3] () {40 vars in 511 bytes} [Fri Jun 26 08:46:33 2020] GET /service_health/ => generated 330 bytes in 1914 msecs (HTTP/1.0 500) 5 headers in 175 bytes (1 switches on core 0)

So it obviously enters the unrecoverable state somehow… it is not the question of nginx not being able to access it.

Any further ideas of how to proceed?