$kuid is not same for begin_group and end_group in the content of the Asset?

Hello Everyone,
In asset content of a new form, I am getting different $kuid for begin_group and end_group? Is it always different or I have errors in the form. Can anyone help me on how to make $kuid same for begin and end group?

@ishanshrestha, we would advise you to validate your XLSForm through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues.

@Kal_Lam Thank you sincerely for your time and response. I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to reach out regarding an issue I’m encountering with KoboForm. I currently have two instances of KoboForm running inside Docker containers. Recently, I created a simple form with two questions grouped together, starting from scratch and ensuring that it doesn’t contain any additional skip logic or validation rules.

However, upon saving and deploying the form, I noticed an inconsistency: the $kuid for both the begin_group and end_group is identical. Yet, when I exported the form in XLS format and imported it into another Kobo instance, I observed that the $kuid for the begin_group and end_group differed.

This inconsistency is proving problematic as I heavily rely on the $kuid in an API to select groups and their associated questions. Given your expertise in KoboForm, could you kindly assist me in resolving this issue? Your guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you once again for your assistance.

Hello Can anyone help me or give me some directions?