Label Missing - Please help

Dear kobotoolbox users, is anyone experiencing issues downloading their data where a label is missing? We have a large dataset of towns for which English labels exist but since yesterday the label English(en) is missing when trying to download the data in an XLS sheet.

Appreciated any support.


Welcome to the community, @sarah_jul! How many languages does your survey project have? If your survey project has only one language, you should be able to download the default language without any issue. If your survey project has more than one language, you should see the download option with the specific languages.

Thank you @Kal_Lam! The survey currently only has one language but the municipalities listed have an XML value that is coded (therefore they don’t show the name in English). Just a few days previously, it was possible to choose English(en) from the Value and Header format when downloading the data which showed the municipalities as they are spelled in English. With the English(en) missing the only remaining options are Labels and XML values. How is it possible that the English(en) header was deleted from the list? And how is it possible to get it back?

Maybe this post will be able to explain you in detail:

Thank you @Kal_Lam, I tried downloading the data using XML values and headers and the excel form only showed the code for the municipality, not the name of the municipality in English. Is there any other suggestion for how to retrieve the data with the proper English names?

Could you kindly provide us more details (maybe with an example if possible so that we could understand your issue and help you out) …

Hi, yes of course, an example is that the municipality name is “Aabra” and the XML value is “LBN10589”. Previously, it was possible to download the data using the English(en) header and the name “Aabra” showed. Now, when I go to download the data the only option is Label or XML value, and LBN10589 shows in the excel.

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HI @sarah_jul
What happens when you chose label as the download option?


Hi @stephanealoo, when I choose label as the download option, it shows the code for the municipality (e.g. LBN10589), rather than what I am looking for, which is the name in English (e.g. Aabra).

With any luck this is the same issue that’s described in New submission dowload system missing language label and is now fixed by Release Notes - versions 2.021.12, 2.021.12a - #2 by jnm.

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HI @jnm , I checked it now and it is fixed, thank you all for your support!