Language mix-up on re-edit of saved draft (Enketo)


If re-editing a saved draft in Enketo (KoBoToolbox), despite French language configuration. System required message appears in English.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Upload and deploy the form
    Required Enketo 02.xlsx (14.4 KB)

  2. Select the 2 choices

  3. Remove them, i.e. required data and see system required error message in FRENCH

  4. Try to submit - still required error message in FRENCH

  5. Save Draft

  6. Edit draft (directly or after reloading locally)

  7. Select the 2 choices (as in step 2 above)

  8. Remove them again (required data) as in step 3 above and see error message now in ENGLISH

Expected behavior

System should keep FRENCH (defined configuration)

Actual behavior

After step 1

Only FRENCH set, by default settings in XLSForm (setting sheet)

After step 4 (all is still fine = in French)

After step 8 (or step 9) - BUG: ENGLISH mix-up: “This field is required”


From now on Enketo seems to have totally changed to ENGLISH for required msg
9. Correct the cases and submit them
10. Start a new case, with steps 2. and 3
You now get all required messages in ENGLISH

Additional details

Firefox 96.0.2 (64 bits), but same problem with Chrome (FRENCH settings, see below)
Firefox and KoBoToolbox and Project Language is French
Laptop with MS 10 (English is default system language)

Same problem when using Android smartphone, with FRENCH language setting (Firefox or Chrome). Android 11. UI One 3.1 Galaxy A32.

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@wroos, what is the default language set to your browser? It should be English.

The browsers are set to FRENCH, see screenshots.
And the behaviour is ok, when you start in THIS browser. But internal changes when you edit a draft in the same browser session!
The steps are visible in the screenshots, please. And can be reproduced with the xmlx sent.
Furthermore it’s the same problem on an Android smartphone fully set to FRENCH (phone, browser).

Hi @wroos, thank you for reporting this. It does appear to be a bug, but I would suggest specifying your messages for required questions with translations in your form such as:


type name label::English (en) label::Esperanto (eo) required required_message::English (en) required_message::Esperanto (eo)
text name What is your name? Kio estas via nomo? True Your name please. Via nomo mi petas.


Esperanto (eo)
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Hi @wroos, you can follow the issue here on GitHub:


Hi @Josh,
Two remarks, please:

  • It’s NOT “Offline-only”. Better remove this tag in GitHub (and update LogNatural)?
  • It concerns system message, NOT any labels or user-defined msg…
  • Once, the error happens, it will continue for the whole form and re-opening also.

Thanks for clarifying @wroos :+1:


@wroos, @lognaturel has responded on GitHub:

Enketo has a concept of offlineable forms. Drafts are only available in such forms. If there are repro steps for forms that are not offlineable, please update the issue! The “offline-only” tag identifies issues that only are reproducible in the offline mode.

Please follow up yourself on GitHub if you have additional information.

You are a skilled user and we have better uses for @Josh’s time than copying and pasting correspondence. Thank you for reporting the issue.