Language of the "Validate" button in the Enketo web forms

Good morning dear community,

I wanted to ask you about how to change the language of the “Validate” button in the Enketo web forms. I am running a survey that is going to be applied to several languages, but when I preview it, I see that the “Validate” button appears in Spanish, even if I have changed the language of my account or forced the form to adopt a specific language.

I am waiting for your answers,

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Welcome to the community @efrainnalmeida! Would you mind sharing with us a screenshot of the Validate button you are trying to refer. This should help us understand your issue and we could help you if it’s possible through KoBoToolbox.

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Of course I can upload a screenshot, if you look at the image you can see that I took the survey in English but the “validate” button appears in Spanish, even though I changed my account settings to English and forced the form to be in English. I would appreciate a response from you letting me know the solution to the problem.

Thank you very much.

Maybe this workaround discussed previously should solve your issue:

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