Language problem

Dear Friends,

I am facing a problem about languages when i am uploading the xls form. The following message appear.

import Failed!
Name: PDM.xlsx
ValueError: englishis specified as the default language, but only these translations are present in the form:English, Arabic``

And when i check it though the website (ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x)
this message was appeared,
The following language declarations do not contain valid machine-readable codes: Arabic, English.

i tired to insert (ar and en) on the label of the columns. but it does not work also

Hello @mohammedrezeq,
Regarding your error message it seems that you used different spelling, at least one place is “english” (in the setting sheet) instead of “English (en)”.

Further hints for working with multiple languages can be found with the search function in this forum and support atticles, e.g.


Thanks dear,
it works

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