Legacy interface: suddenly I cannot open my project anymore

Dear users of Kobo collect,

I need your help urgently. I created a project on Kobo and everything worked great until it suddenly hung up and since then I can’t see the page as before. Now the following error message appears:

We no longer recommend deploying projects directly from the legacy interface. You will NOT have access to all our new shiny tools and features, and deploying a project with the legacy interface is highly discouraged at this point. Please use the new interface to deploy your projects. The legacy interface and this deployment feature will be removed shortly.

It seems that the webpage changed to a legacy view. But I have no idea, why, what it means, and what I have to do to be able to access my project again? Did you ever experience the same? Is there any hotline from Kobo toolbox in order to ask for help?

Thank you very much

I have the same problem…

Looks like something went wrong with an upgrade, hope they are working on it.
Nothing is working at all.

Hi @janfroelich @ks_1 @research

Everything should be working again as normal. Apologies for the inconvenience. Please let us know if the problem persists!


It works again!