Library not working properly


Does any one else having problem while using the library for repetitive questions. Since yesterday when I try, the results dosent match with the question previously saved in the library.

I cant even delete the questions :frowning:


@sayonara, could you list the exact issue (with a possible screenshot) and all the steps you have followed so that we could also closely examine it (try to replicate the same at our end to see if it’s a bug)?

Thanks Kal.
this is a screen shoot of the variable that i have in the library

but once I try to import that information on the form all the information disapears and the form keep just the name (cant share the label because is sensitive information with country name).

when I try to open the form from other devise it appears duplicate.

and if i try to delete that variable (question) in the library it dosent work. so I have to close the browser and open again to delete each question on the library (each question can be deleted just after closing the browser and login again in the account).

I hope I could help you understand, its seems like a bug, that why I contacted.



I am having the exact same problem. @Kal_Lam , was there a solution to this?