Limit select options to up to 3, but only 1 when 'None' is selected

Allow respondents to select up to 3 from the list, but only 1 when the last option ‘None’ is selected.

Welcome to the community, @toast! Maybe you could restrict a response as outlined in our previous post:

In addition, you could restrict a response with the none as outlined in our post discussed previously:

Thank you @Kal_Lam, this is very helpful and resoled the issue in part. However, I have 4 questions with the option ‘None’ at the end, and the number of options under each question vary. When I repeat the same method for other questions that come up later in the survey, it does not work. I am trying to attached the XLS form but it does not allow me because I am new here. Can I send it to you by email @Kal_Lam?