Limit the number and the choices in repeating group

In this xlsform, I want to characterize strata of vegetation. There are 4 possible strata values.
First, I try to limit the number of repetitions to a maximum of 4.
Secondly, when a first stratum is characterized, I would like the following ones not to propose to characterize the one that is already.
I tried this way but it doesn’t work.
help.xlsx (15.2 KB)

Thank you for your help

Welcome back to the community, @fred974! Maybe you will still need to explain your issue so that the community should be able to understand and help you solve it.

Thank you Kal_Lam.

I try to explain myself better. My loop allows to select 4 values:

  • Value 1: Strate Arborée
  • Value 2: Strate Arbustive
  • Value 3: Strate Herbacée
  • Value 4: Strate plantule

I would like :

  1. that the user cannot do more than these 4 values
  2. if the first loop corresponds for example to the value “Strate Arborée”, the other values proposed correspond to the other 3 remaining values and so on.