Limit the number of iterations based on number given previous question

Repeat Group.xlsx (10.7 KB)
Dear members of this community
My name is Hadish Bekuretsion. First all, I would like to thank you for those who created this community support. And also my appreciation goes to for all the community members. When come to my point, I put as follows. I want to create a form as the following styles.

  1. Family size: (User enters “4”)

For each family member, the following questions will be displayed:

For Person 1:

  1. Name of Person 1: (User enters “John”)
  2. Age of Person 1: (User enters “35”)
  3. Sex of Person 1: (User selects “Male”)

For Person 2:

  1. Name of Person 2: (User enters “Jane”)
  2. Age of Person 2: (User enters “33”)
  3. Sex of Person 2: (User selects “Female”)

For Person 3:

  1. Name of Person 3: (User enters “Tom”)
  2. Age of Person 3: (User enters “10”)
  3. Sex of Person 3: (User selects “Male”)

For Person 4:

  1. Name of Person 4: (User enters “Lucy”)
  2. Age of Person 4: (User enters “8”)
  3. Sex of Person 4: (User selects “Female”)
    But I want to give automatic number sequentially. So please help me to build the form?

Welcome back to the community @hadish.

Can you please explain more about what you mean by

…to give automatic number sequentially.

Secondly the form has some errors which also require some fixing. You can use this Validation Tool.

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Thank You for your swift response. Let me explain in detail
I have the following questions.

  1. Family Size in number_______
    I want to record the following information for all family members. The questions are
    1.1. Name of person
    1.2. Sex for Person
    1.3. Age in years for person
    I want to give automatic numbering based on the family size. For example if the family size is 4. The number from 1 up to 4 should give to the family members based on their position.

@hadish I think I finally figured what you mean. Please take a look at the attached XLSForm Is this what you meant?
Repeat Group.xlsx (10.7 KB)

Some notes on what I did:

  • created a new calculate question that uses the position(..) function to get the index of the iteration in the repeat-group in this case
  • references that calculate field in the 3 questions that you require.

Here is a snapshot of the changes highlighted

Hope this is it.


@surveyorjr, :bowing_man:

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Yes, Sir… Thank you. It’s solved.