Line 2 column 1 (char 1) - Possible Issue with KoboToolbox whenever using a variable in the label column


Whenever deploying a form the error line 2 column 1 (char 1) occurs. After process of elimination, this error is caused by using a variable in the label column.

Whenever all variables are removed from the label column. The form deploys.

Indeed, even trying to reupload previously functioning forms causes this error. There also seem to be a high volume of other users in the last 24 hours reporting the same issue.

## Steps to Reproduce

  1. …Call a variable in the label column.

Expected behavior

The form should deploy, as it always has done previously.

Actual behavior

The form will not deploy

I am having the same issue and tried, such as @sjed1, to upload previously functioning forms.

However, deleting all the variables in the label column (in the survey sheet) did not solve my problem. On the contrary, I then received an error message saying, that in row XYZ there is no label or hint.

Hi @sjed1, @leon_fo

FYI, our developers are having a closer look at this case! Thank you for you kind patience!

Hi @leon_fo @sjed1
I would like to confirm that the issue has since been resolved and you should be able to deploy your form as long as it does not have any form design issues. Kindly check and confirm if you are still experiencing the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


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Thank you stephanealoo.


Dear @stephanealoo,

you made my end of the week! Thank you very much.
I confirm that I could deploy my form now without any problems.

Kind regards,


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