Line breaks in choices

Hi all, is it possible to add line breaks in the choices so that the text appears in different lines? I thought it would be possible to use



Please clarify what you mean by line break…
This is because for choices each option is on it’s own line

Sure, what I mean with adding line breaks in choices is something like this:

Choice 1 (default):
“I live in America, I have 1 car”

Choice (what I need):
“I live in America
I have one car”

note the break after America.

Hi @guiu,

In the choices tab (XLS forms), simply type “I live in America, <press alt+enter> I have one car”.

Note: please do not type instead <press alt+enter>,

Of course, that’s the first thing I did and didn’t work. It works with questions but not with choices.

Hi @guiu,

I just tried in the choices tab and found it would work. Could you kindly share your XlS forms so that i could make one of your option with line break for your reference.

Sure. I just kept the lines I’m interested in, in the file attached. As it is, it doesn’t show any line breaks.
TEST4.xls (27.5 KB)

Hi @guiu,

I tested your XLS forms in KoBoCollect mobile application and its working i.e. the option has line break in it. However, I did not see the same in the web browser.

Hence i request you to use the mobile application (KoBoCollect) to see your required format in the option.

Noted, thanks. It works on mobile application – I was testing only on the browser. Thanks a lot for the support.