Link error when redeploying or cloning a survey project

Hi all, some help needed with the following :
I created a project, deployed it and got a link my investigator tested : great.
I then needed to make some changes in the project, after which I redeployed it. However, the link now requires a user name and password from the investigator.
Same happens when I clone the project to use the same document in another geographical area. How to get a simple link without need for user names or passwords to access the form and submit data?
Thank you !

Hi @Marika,

Welcome to the community! Sometimes we see the following message (as shown in the image below) when trying to get a blank form that has successfully been deployed.

This generally happens if you have accidentally (or on purpose) selected the Require authentication to see forms and submit data check button in the ACCOUNT SETTINGS. To un-check the same, follow the steps as instructed in the image below:

Step 1: Click the mark where you generally log-out (from your KoBoToolbox account)


Step 2: Uncheck the Require authentication to see forms and submit data

Hi Kal_Lam,

thank you for this quick reply. I checked the account settings : the problem does not come from there.

Another difference is that the very first link was a short one. Now after the redeployment the link is pretty long and ends with … / landing


Hi @Marika,

Is the issue solved now?

I asked my colleague to try the first link and see if he can access through it to the modified and redeployed form. Haven’t got his feed back yet.


It seems it works through the “old” link, just need to refresh the page.

Now the problem still remains for the cloned forms : we do a large survey in different city sections. I would like each section have its’ own form and “place” to submit to make it easier to collect the data. But the link to the cloned forms does not work.


Hi @Marika,

Would you mind providing us the link to your project in a private message. Maybe we could sort it out in that way.

No problem. Do I just reply the “greetings” message?

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