Link sharing problem

while sharing project’s link we receive this message "Oops, this form doesn’t exist (anymore. Most likely the owner of the form has deleted it, archived it, or disabled it. Please contact the form’s owner to confirm. Detailed error: Form with ID a8nB4nLEpPxkkegJ3aVh not found in /formList.

Welcome to the community @sharif123! Do you mean you see an error message while trying to share a project link so that the users are able to enter a form through Enketo? Could you kindly share us a screenshot of the issue so that we would be able to understand your issue at our end.

Would you mind ensuring that the URL is correctly typed in the browser. It maybe an issue with a typo. Kindly please let us know what happens.

Actually I uploaded the form through XLS form and deployed it and wanted to share it publicly, and I did not edit the URL because it is automatically create by KOBO

Maybe this support article Collecting Data through Web Forms should guide you on you share your survey link.

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Thanks a lot, I hope it will work.

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