Link to url from pulled data

Please find here attached the examples I have used:

Form.xlsx (13.2 KB) Salida_BBDD.csv (1.7 KB)

You are supposed to fill in just the first field, and the rest should be pulled from the .cvs, but as seen in the here below image, the link to the url in the cvs is not completed ok:

Hi @jborruel,

I don’t see any pull data function being used within your xlsfrom:

That is not my form!!!

I attach here below the image of my form:

If you display the result of ${link} in a normal (non-URL) note does it appear correctly?
Your URL doesn’t look to have another other special characters which would be expected to cause problems. I have never referenced “text” type question in a labels. I’m not sure if its worth using a “calculate” question as an intermediate step in the case that the URL text is not getting passed at all.

Hi @jborruel,

It seems to be an issue with Enketo. I have tested the same and created a GitHub report here:

cc: @martijnr

Thank you both for your support.

I have made a few more tests, particurlarly the one with the calculated field, and strikes me how it doesn’t work as it doesn’t convert the link.

This is my form:

And this is the results, trying to convert the link:

Thanks again, and I will be waiting for the Enketo issue resolution.

Best regards


Solved as per @MartijnR suggestion, “With the URL widget”:

Which results in providing the right link to the url :


Thank you!


Cool! nice to know, thanks for sharing that

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Thank you @jborruel cc: @martijnr for this solution. Documenting it here so that the community could take advantage of the same (if and when needed).

In the survey tab of your xlsform:


Data entry screen as seen in Enketo:

Reference xlsform:

url-widget-dynamic.xlsx (7.7 KB)

HI @jborruel

Can you please share the sample form , I am facing the same issue but not able to resolve.

Cheers !


@caneeraj, sharing the other post here. Maybe it should helpful for users having similar issues:

@caneeraj , were you able to solve your issue?? My sample form is no more than what I pasted in the previous posts, I don’t think my actual xls would be any more clarifying. I could try to look for it if you are still interested though.

Hi @jborruel

Thanks for help , but I was able to resolve the issue.

Thanks for giving insight In your posts it actually helped me a lot

Cheers !



Hi @Kal_Lam thanks this is very useful.

Is there a way to display url from a list in text, I tried it but some error. Might I need your help also


thank you so much for help

I tried add calculate it work for label, but still how to direct to text from a list.

Thank You.

Hi @bwijoyo
Could you please explain a bit by showing what is not working clearly. Also could you share the XLS form that you have so that we work on it,


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Hi @stephanealoo

Thanks for asking, below is my xls form.

url-list rev.xlsx (10.6 KB)

Actually i want display link in text without select in the dropdown list. So from select district jump into text.

Let me know if not clear. and again nice to connect with you.


Hi @bwijoyo, you can do this using the pulldata() method as follows:
url-list rev-pulldata.xlsx (8.1 KB)
urls.csv (307 Bytes)

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Hi @Josh

Thanks so much, I learn new thing. is function pulldata() always using external csv? My plan is using list in choice tab without external CSV.

or external csv can import in online koboform?

Thanks in advance.


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Sorry for previous.

Thanks so much it works, I also read this post Uploading a csv file (IDs) - User Support / Form Building - KoBoToolbox Community Forum

Help me so much.


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