Linked forms : pull data from form1 as choices in form2


We are trying to link 2 forms as follow :
1- a first team will go to register new cases using form 1, form 1 will generate a unique code for each beneficiary
2- a second team will go later to assess the registered cases from form 1 using form 2.

We would like to have the codes generated in form 1 appearing as choices in a select_one question in form 2 to make sure Team 2 is adding information to the right case without risking to wrongly type the code.

We know about the possibility to use dataset from form1 as static media file for form2 but the issue is that both forms will be pending. Meaning new cases will be registered in form1 when form2 is already used to assess previous registered cases.

Is there a way to have dynamic choices in form2 based on the new data entered in form1 ?

@dez_im_ope, you could do this by managing a CSV file externally. But you will need to do the stuff manually.

@Kal_Lam So you mean :

  • manually extract csv data from form1
  • manually add the csv file as media file in form2 ?

then I am not sure about what is the added value of linking projects if we can’t use the data entered in form1 in the form2 ?

thank you

This is because the Dynamic Data Attachment does not support this feature at the moment. Hence you will need to follow the said approach until we incorporate this in the system.

Alright, thanks a lot for your reply! Any idea of when (more or less) this feature will be incorporated in the system?

thank you

Don’t have a timeline for this yet but it should be available in the near future.