Linking a response with an external file (csv)

Sorry, Kal_Lam, I just uploaded this sample, did the steps, but it does not worked ;( I tested a lot of other XLSX+CSVs’ search() samples without success). I do not realize what could be wrong. Could you please, can ensure if it still works (as several months ago) or if there is some mistake?

Hi @sociedadcivilcuba,

Would you mind trying the workout outlined in this post (it should work):

Have a great day!

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Hi. You are right, @Kal_Lam, it works. Although with a couple of handicaps. The first one is that when trying to edit the form on Kobotoolbox, this error appears:

. I’m pretty sure that I saw something about that error somewhere here, as well as a solution. The other handicap, mentioned by you, is that currently select_one_from_file only works with Enketo or recent ODKcollects (does not work with KoboCollect neither with the tool we use to work (TELLA, on Anyway, I appreciate your kind disposition to help! :wink:

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