Linking a sub form to an option

Hello KoboCommunity,

I want users to select one option and be able to have access to a particular set of questions based on their choice. The other set of questions must not show/be hidden e.g.

  1. Which sector do you belong to
    a. Public
    b. Private
    The based on option B, the questions for option B appear

Hi @ekuakobo and welcome to the community!

This is called skip logic, you can learn more about it in this help article: Adding Skip Logic — KoboToolbox documentation

If you need further help, don’t hesitate to ask.

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It does involve a skip logic but in this context to have access to a group/ set of questions and not just one ensuing question. I would appreciate guidance on that.

Hi @ekuakobo, the logic is same for groups too. Check this post:

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