Linking Data Collected by Same Person at Different Times

I have electronic bill system I want to limit Submitted answer for example

the total of BILL AMOUNT of customer is =10000 today he pay 9000 i Submitted this answer today
the day after the customer pay should pay only =1000 how to limit this asSubmitted this answer the day after so he paid all of his BILL AMOUNT the problem is that i want to fix it here
if i want to add third pay for his bill should not be allowed to add could help me in this
not to get more answer for the bill when he paid all of his bill

This sounds like a relational database system where data collected previously can be referenced in the next wave of data collection. As you may be aware this approach is not directly supported on the system. However you may want to experiment with a mix of some of the functionalities. One that I see would be of great use is the pull data functionality. You should however note that this requires there is a backend processing of data to update the data being pulled. As such you may want to increase the frequency of update and make your users aware that their data will only be updated in that frequency.