Linking data to an excel worksheet

Hi community.

I’ve been working on a form to update a manual data recollection process. I still need a printed version of the form, but printing the form directly from Kobo delivers a four page print versus the manual data recollection form that consisted only of one page on excel.

Is ti possible to automatically fill certain cells of an excel file with the data collected on the Kobo form? Some sort of mapping the data on the Kobo download report to specific cells on excel.

I’ve been reading some other threads about connecting to excel, but seems like every topic its about importing all the data to create a new table.

Hi! It almost sounds like you’re looking for something like a mail-merge, to fill in “blanks” in a questionnaire template with data from a Kobotoolbox dataset. Is that the case?

Is the template in Word, or could it be?

Could use a mail merge for that?


I don’t know if this may help you:
On server level, i.e. after submission, you can print from the view (modal) mode, open with eye icon in table view and than print. This will provide a more condensed print-out.
But you will only get selected items, not the full choice lists.

You could also download selected data/questions in Excel format and then merge them in with Excel formulas.

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I guess that approach could work.

I’ll read a bit about mail merge, since its been ages since I last used it.