Loading cascading problem

Sir, I need help with the loading of my XLS form using cascade button.

The XLS form has six(6) Columns with 9,631 Rows.
After setting the XLS form, all attempt at loading the form into koboform kept the browser hanging and refused to load.
I latter closed the Firefox browser i was using and logged in using chrome browser, and the problem persist.
Please, how do i solve this problem and how do i load the XLS form via cascade button?

Nigeria has about one 200,000 voting point/units. Recently, they passed a law for electronic of transmission of polling unit results from the polling units to a central server all in a bid to curtail election malpractice and possible comprise by the electoral officers.

To cope with the new trend in election management, i have designed an XLS forms for our NGO to make sure that the electoral umpires follows the law to its letters.

My problem now is that the XLS Cascade form that covers down to electoral wards runs into 410 pages which comprises 6 Columns and 9,631 rows.

My attempt to load the form freezes both Firefox and chrome browsers I’m using for my kobo account.
Sir, please, how do i solve this problem?
Does it mean that the Kobo Humanitarian account cannot the that much in its servers?
Thank you very much as i aspect your urgent and kind assistant.

@governalert, you should be able to handle this through external CSV files as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Please, sir can you direct me a video of how to load a CSV file to Koboform builder?
How i can upload the form since i have save it in CSV(comma) file type sir.

I’m not all that good or conversant and on how to use or apply CSV File. Today is my first day of checking it up.
All along i have only been using XLS format.
Thank you very much sir

@governalert, you should be able to add your CSV file to the server as outlined in the support article shared below:

Sir, i have tried as directed and all my attempts kept saying CSV not supported.

Please, sir, how do i go about solving this problem?

And this is the CSV file i want to upload

csvkobocollect.csv (352 KB)

I have also been getting the same error since yesterday. The cascade keeps hanging.

And this is the XLS Form.
Please, do have a look at it or direct someone to check and help me out.

Voting Demography.xlsx (358 KB)

@governalert, @Nancy seems you missed this post that outlines how a cascading select question is designed.

Thank you very much Kal_Lam

My biggest problem is how to attach a csv file in xls form.
I would most appreciate it if you can direct me to a video clip of how to do it or explain how to do it sir.
I’m pleading passionately that you help me or direct me to who will help direct me.
This is because the choice contains about 210,000 rows with 36 columns. Using kobo Formbuilder is very difficult to load sir.
Thank you very much in sincere anticipation of your assistance.

@governalert, all you need to do is upload the CSV file as a media file and follow the support article shared above.

Good day and compliments of the day @Kalyan sir.
Please, I have been able to set my XLS Cascade Form. And test show that all are working perfectly except the last PU cascade.
Selecting from Zone to Ward is working very well but when i select PU, it will not pick or show any error.
Please, how do I solve this problem?

Please see the attached xls form and check the survey and choices part to know if there are wrong settings.

Thank you very much
Dr. Okey Mbionwu (for governalert)

11111111111111.xlsx (5.39 MB)

@governalert, here is a sample of the name you have used under the choices sheet which is not supported:


Try avoiding the use of characters such as -, /, (, ), ', ", ,. Maybe this post discussed previously should help you minimize your error when building an XLSForm.