Cascading Limitation

Are there any limitation of using “Insert cascading select” option when we design a form by using “Build from scratch” ? ,
When i try to design a from by use xls from it works but not in Build from scratch.

Hi @dimesh, what kind of limitation are we talking about?

Can you show an example for the community?


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Hi @hakan_cetinkaya, thanks for extremely fast turnaround.
Here I’m talking about the Cascading levels and the number of responses.
when we use XLS form it works but not in the “Build from scratch".
i’ve attached the data sample FYI
Cascade_Nepal_Admin_08042022.xlsx (47.6 KB)

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@dimesh, seems like you have a lot of choices in your cascading select option. Please be informed that in such cases you will need to use the external CSV to list the choices.

You could overcome this limitation as outlined in the post discussed previously (using the select_one_from_file question type):

Alternatively, you could also overcome this issue by using the select_one_external question type as outlined in the post discussed previously:


I tried it and it worked. Unfortunatly, some of our smartphone has an 1Go of RAM. And it doesn’t work on it.
I hava 10.000 lines of data in the csv file.
Is it normal?