Loading data issue (502 bad gateway )

Please we are facing this problem to have acces our data and since 4 thursday. Somebody to help us resolve this probleme

Bad Gateway: 502 Bad Gateway

502 Bad Gateway

by using odkbriefcase i got this message:

“Fetching form definition
resolving against briefcase form definitions
Fetching form manifest
preparing to retrieve instance data
processing chunk 1…
Not all submissions retrieved: Error fetching list of submissions: Fetch of submission download chunk failed. Detailed error: Bad Gateway (502) while accessing: https://kc.humanitarianresponse.info/pnlptg/view/submissionList?formId=aWjXzx8av32uJaDrnHEj8G&cursor=&numEntries=100
Please verify that the URL, your user credentials and your permissions are all correct.

Welcome to the community @fazaoh1! Could you kindly please let us know what you exactly intend to do so that we could help you out. I understand you that you are trying to download your data through ODK Briefcase but you are seeing the attached error message. Could you add to this so that we are more clear at your issue.

thank you,
i’m trying to export my data on the server in excel, then i remarque that i have more 3 millons record with more than 380 000 submission. for that reason excel is no more useful for me. that why i’im using odkbriefcase to pull data and after export it in csv . till 4 days ago its work, after that no working again i got this " 502 bad gatway…"



Have you tried downloading from the KoBoToolbox system? If yes what do you see?

yes , when i tri to download from kobotoolbox system i don’t have all the record in the repeat group. because more 3 million records

and when i try to get the data in csv form, i do not get data in repeat group

Could you kindly provide us a status of the data (the exact figure) that is available within your user account (in your main data and your roster data)?

please should i give the details ?
like the usename et name project?

Maybe it would be good if you provide the same through a private message. It would be easy for us to have a closer look at it.

yes , how should i do it

OK, please follow the instructions outlined in the post discussed previously:

yes , how should i do it
we have 380645 entrie main data but roster data are around 3000 000 entries

Which version of the ODK Briefcase are you using? Could you also try the same with the other versions of ODK Briefcase and see if you are able to download as required.

i’m using this version: “ODK-Briefcase-v1.11.3”

i tried this one : " ODK-Briefcase-v1.17.4" but it is not work.

what could be cause of " 502 BAD GATEWAY" issues?
please i need to solve the problem

Kobo team, are you all using Kubernetes on GCP? We (OpenFn) ran into 502 issues related to our ingress and services. If so, I’m happy to share more.

please come again. what is kubernetes on GCP? just to say i have 502 issues. Could you help me

Hi @fazaoh1, I don’t know how to sort out your 502s, but recently heard (on another thread) that @Kal_Lam and the Kobo team might be using Kubernetes and wondered if that might be related to the 502s.

If they think it’s related, I might be able to help! If not, unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be much use to you. (Especially if this is your own local deployment and you’re not using Kubernetes.)

For reading if you’re keen:

Sorry that I can’t provide any more immediate assistance.

Bonjour j’ai des difficulté a extraire les données de kobotoolbox. les soumission sont à le donnée prinpal sont à 982000, et les données dans repeat group sont plus de 2 500 000. Du coup cela depasse les capacité de excel. et j’utilise ODKbrief case pour extraction et l’export. quand je lance le pull , je reçois ce message:
“Fetching form definition
resolving against briefcase form definitions
Fetching form manifest
unable to open form database: Database lock acquisition failure: lockFile: org.hsqldb.persist.LockFile@4b703de6[file =D:\kobodata\ODK Briefcase Storage\forms\Demonbrement et Distribution de MID version Finale Campagne 2020 Togo\info.hsqldb\info.lck, exists=true, locked=false, valid=false, ] method: checkHeartbeat read: 2020-11-10 11:52:22 heartbeat - read: -7929 ms.”