Loading error: Browser storage is required but is not available

Hi, I am having this issue for this questionnaire:

Enketo Express for KoBo Toolbox (humanitarianresponse.info)

I have 60 responses already, but some people who are using this link receives that error message. I myself have received it. I am not using a private window,

As a workaround I cloned the project to provide alternative links so that the survey can continue, but I was hoping to find a solution here so that my respondents don’t have this issue anymore.


Welcome to the community, @ardelacruzph! Would you mind trying to collect your data with some modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. Please also try to update your browser to the latest version if they are outdated.

Thanks for this. I was using Edge and it is up to date, but I still received the errror message, so I tried Chrome and and I was able to open it from there. I’ll advise the same thing to the respondents.

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Thank you for confirming @ardelacruzph!