Loading error message while uploading the XML sheet

Hello guys,
I am new to use kobotoolbox and it seems super amazing and fun.
Please anyone help me solve this error of mine…?
The error is caused when I uploaded the excel sheet after editing the refill command in the excel sheet, so if anyone of you have knowledge or any tips about it please share it to me.
Thank you

Welcome to the community, @devil_boi_999! It would be helpful for the community (to troubleshoot your issue) if you could also share the screenshot of your issue?

This pops up sir

Please anyone help me, would be super grateful to you

Sir please can you help me?

@devil_boi_999, this is an error message you should generally see if you have media files uploaded to the project but failed to deploy/redeploy. Try deploying or redeploying and that should solve this issue.

Roger that sir
Thank you for your time

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