Loading Error of form using on chrome tablet or mobile

An error occurred during the loading of this form. It is recommended not to edit this record until this is resolved.

It happen sometime only

Welcome to the community, @laychansetha! Do you get this error message when you try to upload your data to the server?

This error comes out when I try to reopen the saved draft to edit or submit


It looks like a random error.
when it shows an error like this sometimes we lost some data and the form does not function we can’t submit anymore. if we click to submit it is loading forever (run to submit)

Error-context node
Error submit


Is this a test record or is it a real record? If it’s a test record you could clear your browser and that should solve the issue. If it’s your real record you could upload your data manually as outlined in the support article Manually Uploading Submissions and then clear the cache of your browser. This should solve the issue. But please note that you will first need to upload your pending submissions to the server. If you don’t you may risk your data. Once they are cleared, it’s irreversible.

It a real record

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OK, if it’s a real record, you could upload your submissions as outlined in the support article as shared.