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Hello everyone,
I have set up my own Kobo server in my local network. Which works up to a point. I can access the server (website) from any device in the network (Mobile, PC, Kobocollect App). I can also create and deploy new forms.
But I cannot open them. Neither with the open button nor by copying the link and opening it in a seperate tab. I always get the following error:

But I can download the form as xls and when I verify it with ODK ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x then it says that there is no problem with the form.

When I run python3 run.py --logs it shows that there was some error with enketo, but I don’t know if that relates to the error I get when trying to open the form, as these errors didn’t occur at the same time as I was trying to open the form . I wanted to add a screenshot of the error, but it says that I can only add one image. The error is “PM2 error: Error caught while calling pidusage” and “PM2 error: Error: EBADF: bad file descriptor, read”

Any help or hint on how to solve this would be highly appreciated

Don’t use ‘admin’ as a username.

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