Loading error seen when editing a submission

Hello team,
I am also currently experiencing a similar problem, only that mine is linked to accessing the csv in the media. The csv can be accessed with ease via data entry however an error is generated when editing a record.

@icydtransfer, do you get this error message when you try to edit your submissions?

Yes I do get the error when editing submissions.

Although i can ably enter data, I am experiencing a loading error below when upon opening a data table for editing. Could the problem be around accessing the csv file in the media? Need help

@icydtransfer, would you mind sharing with us the following information (through a private message) so that we could have a closer look at our end:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Username: xxxxxxx
Project name: ICYD homevisit tool
Server: Humanitarian Server

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User details shared by icydtransfer:

@icydtransfer, as a quick check could you give a try by uploading the xlsform and your csv file to a new dummy project, fill a dummy response and then try editing to see if you see the same error there too?

Hi @Kal_lam, Thank you for the followup. I did observe that one of the header names (variable) under the csv had spaces. I did remove them and the error was sorted. thanks


Hi @icydtransfer
That is a good catch on your end. I believe we can detail the specific requirements for naming CSV column headings/names. I normally use this as a good practice

  1. Names can be safely up to 32 characters long. Names may include alphanumeric characters, non-punctuation characters, and a period (.).
  2. You can’t have a space in a column name.
  3. Don’t end a name with a period.
  4. Don’t end a name with an underscore.
  5. You can use periods and underscores within a variable name.
  6. You can use upper and lower case, and a mixture thereof, within a name.
  7. Dependent on your analysis software, don’t use reserved keywords as a variable name (i.e., you can’t use ALL, AND, BY, EQ, GE, GT, LE, LT, NE, NOT, OR, TO or WITH).
  8. Each column name must be unique.


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many thanks Stephanealoo . This is great information to know in managing the csv.