Loading Error ,Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Hello i’m facing loading error, does kobotool limitt question total number , i have more than 600 questions and i think it is the reason, if any one has an idea please suport me.

@adminpro, yes it affects the loading when you have a long list of questions or choices in your survey project. Please be informed that the web server only allows each request to take 120 seconds. And if a form is not able to load even within this 120 seconds your forms do not get deployed/loaded.

You could thus solve this by either trying to collect your data through Collect android app or build your survey project using an external select (if you have a long list of choices).

can i share xls file so that you can, may be split the form in two side and see the out put ?

Splitting the form depends upon your choice. I mean you could make it two different survey projects instead of having only a single project.

OKay, i just need the confirmation, to be sure that the numbe of questions is the real reason this is the real reason. that is why i wanted to send you xls file so that that you can analyse it if posssible.

Yes, this issue generally comes up when …

  • you have a long list of questions
  • when you have a long list of choices

But if you wish to share your xlsform, please feel free to share it with the community. We would love to have a look and confirm the same which maybe would also help you take other actions.

NEW user can not upload document , how can i send it to you

You should now be able to share your xlsform. If not, please refresh the page, and that should let you upload xlsform to the community.

a2VFAAcWnJTg6SmWxsojB6 (1).xlsx (176.8 KB)

@adminpro, seems like your question has approximately 7000 rows of questions, which is definitely causing the loading issue:

I see the same issue at my end too:


OKay let me split the form in two parts

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Not still sure if it would work by splitting on two halves. 7000 rows is a huge list of questions.

I splitted the form in two parts and it fixed the issue.

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Hello @adminpro ,
Did you try to change the structure and use repeats instead of many single groups with similar questions/structure?
Also, a lot of choices are the same. So, could be condensed/reused, e.g. YesNo.

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no i didnt modify things for metrix question, i just duplicated select one question, to speedup the work

Hi @adminpro
Ahaaaa, there lies your problem

This is an issue with an error on your form that is introduced when you did not set up everything as required. I would suggest you take your time and review your form and correct the errors.


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