Loading Error (uploading a survey)

We are implementing different surveys in tablets, but in some of them it appears a Error message “Loading Error” when we try to submit the survey. What can I do?

Welcome @nhmorf,
The same issue has been discussed here several times, you can find it with the search function of this forum, e.g.

You will need to use modern browsers (updated to its latest version), like Chrome , Edge , Firefox.

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And what will happen with the surveys that we already took if we open another browser?

@nhmorf, using the modern browser is compatible with KoboToolbox. Hence you will be able to load your form.

We used different browsers (chrome, edge, Firefox) and neither works. What can we do?

The error message at the lower screenshot is a browser issue. Could you uninstall your browser and then reinstall it again to see if that solves your issue? Let us know what happens.

It didn´t worked ): we did the survey again in other tablet.