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I have edited and deployed a form but when I try to enter data through the browser, I get below loading error error:
FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: /model/instance[@id=“commune”]/root/item[if(/model/instance[1]/a3V8guFUemmqEDRensRtPw/GifPDI/groupphenomenes/Gphenomene2/communePhen/…/Gphenomene1/provincePhen !=null,province=/model/instance[1]/…/Gphenomene1/provincePhen,province= current()/…/…/Gphenomene1/provincePhen )], message: Function “{}current” does not exist.
However the same form works when using an android tablet.

Hi Sonia,
Could you send a link to the form to try the entry process on my end. You can send this privately if it has sensitive information.


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Thank you Stephane.

Please share your private address so that I can share with you.

Best Regards,


Hi Stephane,
here is the link:

Thank you