Loading issue with DATA>Table

I have also same problem

Hello @Kal_Lam thanks for your reply. After waiting for about 2 minutes sometimes I was able to see table or says bad gateway…

please kindly find them.

@anilgnydn, I have split this issue to a different post as the other post was related to a different issue. FYI, please be informed that this generally happens when there are a lot of submission. The issue should be resolved by the system itself. Could you kindly see if this gets resolved by tomorrow. If it does not, please feel free to reach us back.

Good Morning Dear @Kal_Lam . Thank you for your reply. When I check some of our projects data table view opens a little late (Sometimes it took more than one minute). There was no such problem before… I would be happy if you could help.

Update, the problem still persists.


Hi Anil,
How many submisson you have in this project? Im asking because i think problem is the huge submission number. I hope Kobo will fix it soon. By the way, I’m glad to see a Turkish user. :slight_smile:


Hello @emreozkan90 , good to see you here too. Actually, I don’t think the problem is related to huge submissons. There are about 9500 submissions in the project that gave the error, but we had a project with more than 20.000 submissons in the past(2019-2020) and we did not face such a problem. We face this problem about once every 1-2 months, then they fix it, I hope a permanent solution will be found. because our projects are slowing down.


I am seeing the same issue opening the data in a table. Thanks for resolving this issue 2 weeks ago.

Please keep us posted. I have only 2300 submissions.


Hi All,
Everything is working normally. System came back .