Loading Repeated grouped questions on PowerBi via API

Hello community, i am having difficulties in handling repeated group questions; to load them on PowerQuery in PowerBi.
I have connected my kobo to PowerBi using Jenna’s tutorial.

The repeated group responses are appearing as a list.
I have attached a screenshot

Welcome back to the community, @Roggers_k! Have you tried loading the repeat groups with Excel Power Query to see if you can load there successfully?

Thank you for the prompt response. No, i have not. and i am not so savvy with Excel Power Query

It uses the same API. Maybe you could give it a try.

HI @Kal_Lam.

I have same issue with the @Roggers_k.
I tried to pull the data with Excel Power Query by API ‘https://[KPI]/api/v2/assets/{asset_uid}/data.json’, but the “repeated group” still appeared as a list

@kienl, have you tried this API (discussed previously)?

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Ah, it’s worked if I used this method.

Thanks so much.

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