Location label not showing up


I chose show Labels in the Data menu in Kobo, as you can see in the picture, it shows up for Province, but not for District or Subdistrict. I need the labels for district and subdistrict to show up.

Here is a picture of the location files, I had label at the top, then changed that to label::English (en), and still, it did not work.

location file with label

Please help with this issue.

@andre_ch, a quick question. Did you update these choices list with later deployments?

Did you use select_one_from_file for the items (now or before)?

Why ::English (en), but only one label column? Do you use multiple languages? Then see Error Ocurred <label> node for itemset doesn’t exist! - #10 by Kal_Lam.

hi @wroos cc @Kal_Lam ,

Did you use select_one_from_file for the items (now or before)?

I changed the heading to simply ‘label’, in the XLS and in the location files, still I have the same issue.

After changing it all to ‘Label’, I submitted a test form, the same issue persists, only code shows up, not the actual location label.

Any advice? Not sure what is wrong.
ATIP Related Activity Report_updated.xlsx (33.4 KB)
District_Code.csv (3.9 KB)
Subdistrict_Code.csv (74.9 KB)

Hi @andre_ch,
Ok. It seems linked to the select_one_from_file.

It might even be a general issue, that labels are not stored/available with select from file…
(@Kal_Lam @Xiphware? @Josh?)

What you could try:

  • Export the data to Excel
  • View (modal) a case
  • Add a short district choice_list with labels in the form (copy from the external file)
    and see what happens.

hi @wroos cc @Kal_Lam

It works if I add a short district chice_list with labels, see attachment:

The system is reading and displaying the location code only when select_one_from_file is in place, can this be addressed? Not sure what else there is I can do…

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@Kal_Lam @wroos can you help? I am still not getting the application to show the labels when select_one_from_file is in use…