Lock Date & Time

Hi Support Team, I want to ask if I can set the date and time according to the time of the survey activity. for example, the enumerator will have a survey activity on March 23 2024 at 09.30 AM. So apart from the date and time, the date and time options are inactive (grey) and the enumerator cannot select a date and time other than March 23 2024 at 09.30 AM. Thank You.

@fahmi_admin, did you mean you wish to make this March 23 2024 at 09.30 AM date and time a default date and time for all the respondents?

Hi support team, thank you for your response…
Yes, what I mean is, when an enumerator makes a survey visit using the form available in ODK on a certain date, for example March 23 2024, the enumerator can only choose March 23 2024, and the enumerator cannot choose an earlier or later date. then when the enumerator made another visit on March 24 2024 the enumerator could only choose March 24 2024 and the enumerator could not choose the previous date (March 23 2024) and the date after. and so on, and applies in every subsequent month, such as the following month, April 1 2024, the enumerator can only select the date April 1 2024. The enumerator cannot select the previous date or month.
because if I look at the date on the form the user/enumerator can still freely choose the date, like the screenshot example below.

Thank you…