Locking Inputs based upon GPS

Hi there

So I want to create a form which will be sent out via internet link to a pre-determined list of people in a particular area. Previous experience has told us though that people then forward the link to various other friends and relatives outside the intervention area.

Is there a way of preventing people with a GPS outside the intervention area from completing and submitting the form. I would propose that the GPS is collected and then if the GPS does not fall within a particular range, the person trying to complete the form will not be able to go further.

Thank you

@makenny, it seems like you are trying to collect data through Enketo. If this is the case, then the audit feature to collect GPS in the background is not supported. This feature is only supported with the Collect Android App.

Thank you very much for your response Kal. Yes it is true what you said, but for wider purposes, I would also be interested how this could be done through the app.

thank you