Logic on Multiple Select question

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Thank-you for your support and help. I am using “multiple select” question and i wanna embedded a skip logic to it. But “equals to” is not visible as a condition to the question.
Can any one please help me with that? And sorry that my English is not good.

Do you have the following activities?

  1. Drink beer and wine
  2. Smoking
  3. Play the game
  4. Racing
  5. No activities mentioned above

If I choose 1, or 2, or 3, or 4, I cannot enter 5 and vice versa. If I choose 5, I cannot choose 1, 2, 3, 4

You cannot perform skip logic within a multi-select question per se. Instead, what you can do is implement a constraint on the question that precludes certain combinations; in your case:

(selected(${q},'1') or selected(${q},'2') or selected(${q},'3') or selected(${q},'4')) and not(selected(${q},'5'))


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Dear @Xiphware
Please solve me one more problem

How to only select the options selected in Q1 repeat in Q2

I have a question

Q1. Problems you care? (Choose 3 answers)

  1. Education
  2. Travel
  3. Jobs
  4. Health
  5. Family

Q2. Sort 3 problems encountered in Q1 in the order of 1 to 3

  1. Problem 1
  2. Problem 2
  3. Problem 3

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To ‘filter’ the contents of a select question based on the result of previous selections, it is called a cascading select. There are a bunch of cascading select examples around if you search.

Q2. Sort 3 problems encountered in Q1 in the order of 1 to 3

Please note, if you wish to actually sort options using, say, a ranking widget, then you wont be able to use a cascading select to populate the list of options.

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Hi @Xiphware,

Thank you very much for helping me solve the problem!