Login difficulties KoboCollect

Hi everyone,
I’m not sure what’s happened but I can no longer log in to either ODK Collect or KoboCollect. I can login fine to KoboToolbox.
I use a Motorola G4 and get the message that I’m using an invalid username/password (it’s not). Any support greatly appreciated!


Welcome to the community, @lhp! Kindly please check your URL configuration under the Settings>Server from your Collect Android App. It seems like there is a typo in it.

The correct URL should be:

But seems like you configured it as follows:

Where the initial H is in uppercase. Fix this and that should solve your issue.

Thanks Kal, unfortunately it hasn’t changed the login issue.

@lhp, it seems like your account is in the Global Server, but you have used the URL of the EU server. Try using the URL of the Global Server (shared above in my previous post), and that should help you solve your issue.

I mean, use this URL: