Login issues with enumerators

When entering the correct login information, it just resets asking for KoboToolbox credentials once more rather than actually logging in. I tested this on my phone and laptop and it seems to work fine, but for his it isn’t working. He has tried on google and firefox with the same issue.

They use a iphone 13 pro, IOS 17.3.1, using the web format of the form.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

@BuffaloFieldCampaign, you will need to toggle this feature on to avoid getting the login dialogue box when the enumerators are collecting data, as shown in this image below:

Hello, thanks for a swift reply.

So before this people could login with the volunteer login info and there were no problems - but now when they do login it just resets and asks for the login information again despite it being correct. Why is it not accepting the info/letting the person login?

@BuffaloFieldCampaign, did you toggle as shown in the image above?