Login page


I’m looking for the login page of kobo server on premise.
I Need to edit this page.

Someone could help please ? :slight_smile:

@Dabertch, could you also share the related part which you wish to edit so that the community should also be able to help you out?

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I would like to delete links to create new accounts. I want my admin is the only one person who can create a new account.

@Dabertch, linking you with @ks_1 and @stephenoduor, who should be able to support you with this.

@Dabertch you can DM me(Provide more info) if you are not yet sorted

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It’s pretty simple, go to your <kpi_url>/admin and login using your superadmin creds.
Then go to Config section and set the REGISTRATION_OPEN variable to False.
Now you can only create users using the admin panel.

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Thank You !

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