Longitudinal Survey - Data analysis

Hello again everybody,

It’s been two months that I’ve been trying to create a longitudinal survey on Kobo.
I’ve been following all the forums available on that subject, a youtube video, and I’ve contacted Kobo support as suggested in my error messages.

Since I am not able to properly connect my parent and child forms together, I still wanted to see how the data and the forms appear once they are linked.

I tried using Round 1 and Round 2 XLS document shared on Dynamic Data Attachments.

I still get the same error message as shared below.
Impossible to load survey.xml.
Please contact support@example.org with your form link :
Enketo Express for KoboToolbox

I entered 3 ‘‘dummy’’ entry on the parent project.

Can I have help on this please ? I would like two connect two projects and see how the data looks when the two projects are merged.

Thank you,

@Nadia_EDUFAM, did you use the sample XLSForm shared in the support article? Did you follow all the steps as outlined in the support article? Doing so should help you link a project dynamically.

BTW, please also be informed that linking a project dynamically will need a bit advanced skill set. You will thus need to be very careful when doing the same. Try to follow the exact steps and that should help you link the projects dynamically.

@Kal_Lam, I’ve been following the steps of the article and I used the sample XLSForm.
Even with the XLSForm shared in the support article the error message appears asking me to contact someone from Kobo.

The same error message shows all the time. How can I get help for this ?

Thank you!

Hi @Nadia_EDUFAM

Can you share the xls version of the forms with us here? So we can check?

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@Nadia_EDUFAM, in this case, I assume you are not following the steps correctly outlined in the article. You maybe missing some steps there.