Looking for freelancer : Kobocollect implementation in Rwanda

Hi everyone,

We are looking for a freelancer to implement Kobotoolbox in Rwanda with one of our partner.

Here is the main description of the requirement :
Reforest’Action is currently transitioning to a more technological model in order to significantly increase its impact. Our main challenge is to build and propose an innovative solution that allows us to develop and monitor our (agro)forestry projects all over the world, over a period of 30 years.

By relying on Kobo Toolbox, an open-source solution developed in the humanitarian sector, we deploy digitized survey forms to our teams and partners in the field to monitor the projects.

In a context of strong growth and internationalization, we are looking for a consultant to help us to implement Kobotoolboxwith our partner in Rwanda. The general objective is to implement of Kobocollect forms for our partner.

Specific tasks are as follows:

:black_small_square: Implement Kobotoolbox for our partner.

o Develop and parametrize forms based through XLS form.

o Parametrize application (data transfer, user rights, …)

o Proposition of solutions for data management & analysis

o Provide training (oral and written) and support to the team.

o Organize user acceptance test and adjust form based on feedback

:black_small_square: Expert: Key proponent in proposing optimized solutions

  1. such as guidance for the architecture of the system

  2. Solution for technical and operational problems implementation

If you are interested can you send us your CV with your technical and financial proposal by email an email: it@reforestaction.com and lisa.vanderheyden@reforestaction.com


Lisa :slight_smile:


Hi @lisa_vdh, our KoboToolbox core team also provides this type of support. If interested, please feel free to reach us through info@kobotoolbox.org.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will send an email :slight_smile:

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Hi @lisa_vdh,
Is it a remote based assignment. Can someone outside from Rwanda apply for this assignment?


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