Looking for User Feedback on Project List Sidebar

KoBo community,

As we are building out the new and improved public collections and library page we’ve come across a few UI features in other parts of the application that could probably use some updating as well. Specifically, we are looking for user feedback on the use and functionality of the project list sidebar in the projects page (see screenshot below).

When you click on either Deployed, Draft, or Archived a list of those projects expands underneath each and you can click on the individual projects to navigate to their project summary page. However, it seems a bit unnecessary to navigate through the sidebar when the same list of all of your projects, including more details, is available on the right side of the page. Currently, the only advantage the sidebar gives is the ability to navigate through your projects when your within a project and not in the project list view anymore.

A couple of our initial thoughts on how to improve the functionality of the sidebar:

  1. Eliminate listing the projects and instead when you click Deployed, Draft, or Archived the project list on the right would automatically scroll to those sections.

  2. Instead of displaying all the projects in the sidebar, there could be a favorite or starred feature introduced that would allow you to select your ‘top’ projects and have only them displayed on the sidebar to make them easy to find.

It would be great for us to hear from you all what your thoughts are on the sidebar as it is today, what you think of our initial ideas, and if you have any ideas of your own.


Hi Mike,

Are you still looking for feedback on this? I saw there was already some update with the names of the forms now fully appearing. That’s very useful!

Something else I would suggest, but maybe its not about the sidebar, is to be able to organize the forms. Having the possibility to sort the forms by alphabetical order would be great. The must would be to have folders!




Hi @dianedetoeuf,

The suggestion you have requested is here:

Maybe you could VOTE if you wish to make this feature a reality.