Looping set of question in a new separate repeat count to a question in the previous repeat count

Hi, I am trying to build a survey form in a way that i will loop questions in in a new repeat count to a question in a previous repeat count. i have used indexed-repeat(), with both the name of the question i want to loop to, the name of the repeat count i am looping to and position(…) function but i am still not able to fill the form on phone. it’s given me problem like the "field is repeated, you may need to use indexed-repeat function please help .

Hi @Matolab
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This function should work as you had been trying. However to better understand what is the issue, you should share the example of how you had written it for us to see if you had done this correctly. I suggest you share the XLS form or screenshots. In the meantime, kindly ensure you check carefully to ensure that you followed the steps for indexed repeat as needed


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Noted sir.tha